I Am a Bulldog

When I’m not covering a game, you can find me in the student section (far left).

When I was a peer mentor at the beginning of the Fall ’22 semester, one quote from the entire orientation process stood out to me: “None of the other schools I looked at embraced their mascot like you guys. They might use it for marketing, but, at Drake, you really are a Bulldog.” That made me reflect. What does it mean to be a Bulldog? Why did I choose to be one?

What is a Bulldog?

Aside from the obvious, of course. And, honestly, I don’t really know. Every time I tell someone I am one I hear the same things: “you must be smart”, “oh, that’s a great school”, and the occasional “why Des Moines?” To administration and marketing, to be a Bulldog is to be better prepared for the future, whatever that looks like to any individual. To the student, it’s “why the heck am I taking an upper level Computer Science/Philosophy class my junior year in pursuit of a journalism degree.” In all seriousness, I think to be a Bulldog to be gritty, hardworking and determined to do and be better.

Why Am I a Bulldog?

The famous Griff II and I my first day on campus

The basic answer to this question is I didn’t want to go to a big state school. In fact, the other school I was looking at is 6x larger than Drake in terms of undergrad enrollment, which is home to just under 5,000. I also looked at some other schools that were a tad smaller than Drake, but this place just felt like home. That’s the sappy answer. I stepped onto this campus and I could envision myself walking to class every day. I loved Meredith Hall, the dorms were nice for the school that it was and my tour guides just happened to know everyone we walked by on all three visits I made. It just felt right.

How Do I Show It?

Well, I’m a journalism major with a love of sports and broadcasting, so I guess that’s my best answer. I love to get behind the mic and talk about our teams. When I don’t have that opportunity, I’m in every student section I can be in. I was in the front row of the Dog Pound for almost every men’s basketball game last year. I’m just so proud to be a Drake Bulldog.

As the fight song goes: “Here’s to the one that wears the D!”

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